You Fix Their Phones

  • Look after your reputation to increase your earnings
  • Look to your expenses to not go broke
  • Meet customer requirements

I'm the boss in your game ... Happy to be your tester.

Mike B.

Fresh, original and strangely funny

Emily Td.

Why this game is not release yet?

Savannah X.

  • Complete missions discovering the game
  • The mission system becomes more complex with experience

The missions are simple but make us discover a huge content !

Gabriel D. (Translated)

The missions become more complex fast! I loved.

Juliette V. (Translated)

Just pick up a quest and have fun, simple but extremly funny

Fred C.

  • Discover mini games, games in games in games (in apps ;-))
  • Each game, each app is handcrafted and filled by passion and love.

To crush people was too funny! The games are really cool to explore.

Catherine D. (Translated)

Mamma mia! Che bomba (mamma mia, What a bomb)

Mario C. (Translated)

  • More than a hundred trophies to unlock... for now
  • Some trophies are hidden for your and our enjoyment

You know where you are in the game when you check the achievement page at menu some AAA games are more quickly finished than this one!!

John W.

3 Month and still earn in game

Milo G.

Check this out